5 Myths About Asian Food

Myth 1: Asian food is fast food.
Fact 1: I visited America and being an Asian chef myself, I understand why Asian food like Chinese take out is like macdonald burger to go. In fact, most Chinese dishes can be cooked or prepared very quickly, such as Cantonese fried rice, but preparing the ingredients themselves takes time. However, there are also many Asian dishes that require extensive preparation.

Myth 2: Asian food is difficult to prepare
Fact 2: Asian foods are delicacies that are mainly prepared in exceptionally heavy cooking like sautéing, steaming, and more. It is not difficult to find the ingredients you want when it comes to cooking some Asian dishes for your family. There are many Asian grocery stores throughout the United States that sell some of the common herbs and spices used in Asian dishes.

Myth 3: Asian food is all about Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese food
Fact 3- Asia is a very large region, spanning from the Far East like Japan to Western Asia like India. Due to the great area that Asia actually covers, there is a great culinary world only in the Asian region. Asian foods from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia or even the Philippines are criminally underrated to the point where I hope the tourism boards of these countries will put more effort into promoting their country’s dishes. However, Thai recipes seem to cover a larger demographic around the world with their tangy and spicy dishes like tomyam or mango kerabu.


5 Myths About Asian Food


Myth 4: Indian food is curry
Fact Four: This is one of the most common perceptions that any curry dish has to be related to something in India. The Indian culinary world not only covers spicy dishes, but also some of the best vegetarian dishes in the world. Indian cuisine is also famous for banan (Indian bread), tandoori chicken (chicken meat roasted on a long metal stick and cooked in a hot pot), sweet desserts called side, the famous milk tea called chai and many more.

Myth 5: Chinese food is usually sweet.
Fact 5: For a few reasons, most of the Chinese foods I’ve tried in America are sweet. This is how Chinese food is perceived and is somehow geared to suit most people’s taste buds. However, if one ventures outside the United States, to places like Guangzhou or somewhere in Guangdong province in China, where one can discover the real world of cooking in China, then one can taste a completely different taste of cuisine. china that already covers. a great variety of flavors.

Of course, there are more incorrect perceptions of Asian food. Nothing can truly beat the native Asian cuisine of the Asian region itself.

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