Asian Food and Why Westerners Enjoy It

In Asian cuisine, there is a plethora of countless nationalities of culinary opportunities. The flavors that all countries can bring to the table may be too much, but there is nothing wrong with getting the best of all. For example, you can start your day with a yo zakoy which translates to fried devils in Chinese. They are dipped in hot congee, the same way you would dip a donut in a cup of coffee in the West. It is a simple mixture of rice and water, and sometimes fish is added to it. For lunch, you can go Vietnamese and have some shrimp covered in sugar cane. Besides a handful of strong Asian drinks, of course, another thing that Asians are famous for is alcohol. It dates back to Maotai and is a quirky Chinese drink that tastes like soybeans. For dinner you will want something good, with all that fried food. You can try something like spicy sweet basil that has Thai chili peppers with your choice of meat and spices. Or you can have broccoli with oyster sauce, which is another great Thai dish. Asians make great desserts too, so if you’re a Westerner, I won’t start looking at an Asian chef’s sweet tooth. A good example of this is the Malaysian Orange Coconut Pancakes, which mainly consist of oranges, shredded coconut, and sugar fried to perfection. As a friend who lived in the United States pointed out;


Asian Food and Why Westerners Enjoy It



For Westerners, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries for lunch or dinner is the norm. Sometimes we eat our junk food, we eat our steaks, at least for that we are known. Some of these Western recipes made their way into our communities as they grew, and others came and were quickly accepted on our menus. However, among the most exclusive and delicious, Asian restaurants have always been among the best. I visited a Chinese restaurant that seemed to be collapsing, but was family owned. The food there was so good that I still go there, I’d rather spend my money there than spend my money there on dinners all over the United States on the same route. Then on the other side of the industry, there are Japanese steakhouses, where people will pay the chef extra just to see artistically created food in front of his eyes. The food that Asians bring to the West is always cooked differently, in the cultural way that works best for them. It allows you to savor the other side of the world, without having to travel all the way to say Malaysia. The cultural atmosphere of these restaurants attracts a lot of people, only to witness the oriental styles, the furniture, the language, the music and of course the gastronomy. Always come back to try full western Asian food.

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