Staying Healthy With an Asian Food Diet

If you are looking for a healthy diet that is compliant, why not try the Asian Diet Plan? Food, when well planned and eaten in moderation, is one of the healthiest types of food you can find. Certain Asian foods have been found to reduce the chances of developing heart disease, cancer, and other types of diseases.

Foods that are emphasized in Asian culture differ from Western diets. While the Western diet primarily seeks protein from milk and meat, the Asian diet contains a variety of protein sources, such as rice, beans, fish, grains, and nuts, allowing them to get other nutrients that come with these ingredients. Foods like meat, poultry, and eggs are eaten in moderation, which is good, as research has found that meat and meat products are linked to heart disease and cancer.

Normally, the foods consumed at each meal consist of rice, pasta, bread or cereals, which are then complemented with meat, vegetable and fruit dishes. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, so they provide the antioxidants necessary to dissipate free radicals in the body that can cause cancer. It is also a good source of vitamins to aid in bodily functions.


Staying Healthy With an Asian Food Diet

Soy is also a popular ingredient in the Asian diet. You can find it especially in Japanese food, where soy is made into a variety of products such as drinks, soups, food, or even snacks, and can be easily found in supermarkets, making it an easily accessible food option. People with lactose intolerance often choose soy products as a source of protein and calcium. It also helps lower cholesterol, in addition to many other benefits. When it comes to dairy products, with the exception of India, it is not consumed as often as in Western countries. Many Asian women suffer from osteoporosis, therefore you will also need to include calcium in your diet to make your diet ideal.

To complement the Asian diet will be the drink. Traditional drinks consist of tea, which helps lower cholesterol while eliminating free radicals that cause cancer and heart disease. If you are looking for healthy Asian recipes, Japanese food is one of the best examples in history, since its inhabitants have the longest life expectancy.

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