Commonly Used Ingredients in Asian Food

Asian food is usually sour, sweet, salty, and spicy. The following are the ingredients that are commonly used in Asian food recipes: –

It is a perennial plant and smells like lemon. The outer green stems should be discarded and only the lower part of the white stem can be used.

Candelinot (boa keras)
Round, cream-colored seed that contains a large amount of oil. The fragrance enhances and thickens the broth in curry dishes.

Shrimp paste (Pelkan)
It is made by fermenting shrimp and salt into a paste and tastes delicious. Stir with hot pepper and other spices in a hot pot.

Star anise (bunga pekak)
It is an 8 pointed star shaped seed that has a light and sweet taste. It is frequently used in curry cooking.

It has a slight aroma but is not spicy. It is usually measured with the thumb and is commonly used in soups and curries.

Curry leaves
The green leaves are slightly bitter and fragrant. All can be used for cooking.


Commonly Used Ingredients in Asian Food


Coriander powder
With a delicious and surprising aromatic flavor, it is suitable for cooking with meat, seafood or vegetables.

Peace papers
It is one of the most used ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. It can be added to curry or rice to enhance the aroma.

This spice is shaped like rice that has a bitter taste.

Its color is yellow and it is a type of spice that is often used to make curries and is used to add flavor and color to dishes.

Cinnamon sticks
It is the bark of dried laurels and contains a fragrant woody aroma, suitable for various meats and foods.

Assam bell
It is made with dried and chopped tamarind. It has a strong sour taste and can be added directly when cooking.

Assam paste
It is one of the components of acid dishes. Add water to extract the tamarind juice (assam).

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