Lose Weight by Eating Like the Asians Or the French

Farmers in our country produce enough food for each man, woman and child to eat 3,800 calories a day.

This is about twice the number of calories a normal person should consume to stay healthy!

In addition to the myriad of food options available and the ability to “super-size” for just about any meal, it’s strange that Americans can still dress (in fact, not many of us do because we’re obese).

As Americans, we are faced with the problem of excess abundance. Not only are farmers overproducing food for this country, but our current lifestyle and culture are driving people to gain weight. In this country, eating out is considered a social pleasure and a sensual reward. Americans work hard and play hard, and we reward ourselves for overeating. It is not rude to overeat. How many of us have grandmothers who tried to give us more and more food? In this country, food is love: the more food, the more love.

Asian and French teams

In contrast, in Asian and French cultures, good cooking isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. Have you ever visited a Japanese restaurant and eaten a good plate of food? The focus is on serving, and the food served is always pleasing to the eye. While Americans delight in a plate full of steaks and potatoes, Asian and French chefs offer dishes with a lot of “white space.”

Also, in these cultures, children are often taught to eat at only 70% of their capacity because it is considered rude to overeat (and unbuckling after eating a large meal is definitely unacceptable social behavior. ).


Lose Weight by Eating Like the Asians Or the French

Asian focus on live foods

Lastly, Asian culture places more emphasis on “living” foods than American culture. Asians consume a lot of algae and seaweed, as well as live enzyme foods, such as fermented soy products. Studies show that blue-green algae, for example, maintain leanness because they have a large amount of fiber, help cells eliminate toxins and, best of all, maintain people’s mood (which prevents eating emotional).

If you want to lose weight, consider looking at food from an Asian or French point of view – feast your eyes on the food, not your mouth. Focus on foods that are beautifully presented in modest quantities, rather than large piles of stacked foods that will last a moment on your lips, but last forever!

Alan Goel is a doctor of Chinese medicine and a nutrition consultant. He is also an independent distributor for Simplexity Health, a producer of all-natural blue-green algae products for people, pets, and plants.

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