The 7 Best Asian Herbs For Cooking

Some of the best herbs used in cooking come from Asia. These herbs not only impart a unique flavor to food, but are also beneficial to health due to their medicinal properties. If you want to know the best Asian herbs that have culinary uses, you can also season them with food, then read on.

Herbs are generally distinguished by their taste, aroma, freshness, and texture. Some of the more exotic dishes are prepared with herbs that are mainly found in different parts of Asia. Among the most popular are:

o Chinese Chives: Also known as chives for its unique flavor like garlic, it has flat leaves and is used for seasoning. As the name suggests, these herbs are commonly used in Chinese cuisine.

Holy basil – This herb is prized in India and is widely used in Ayurveda for its unique medicinal properties. Holy basil is mainly used in Thailand to stir Thai food.

Cedar grass: This grass generally grows in the hot climates found in Southeast Asia. Due to its lemon flavor and aroma, it is used as an ingredient in Vietnamese and Thai curries and soups.

Sesame leaves: Sesame leaves are known for their freshness-keeping properties. It is mainly used in Korea for food packaging or meat packaging.


The 7 Best Asian Herbs For Cooking


o Beef Plant: This is a mint-smelling herb and is commonly used in Japan. It is known to preserve food and the Japanese mainly use it to flavor pickled peaches.

o Indonesian Lemon Leaves: This herb belongs to the lemon family and is found in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is used mainly in kitchens for its astringent aroma and flavor.

Mitsuba – This herb is native to Japan and has many uses in cooking. Its seeds can be used in salads, while its chopped stems and leaves are used to flavor many Japanese cuisines.

Most of these herbs are available in health food stores and can even be grown at home. So the next time you have guests at home, use some of these herbs as food and admire them.

Mike Zambrano is an expert in herb gardens. His website, “Growing Herbs at Home,” offers first-hand advice and tips on growing and caring for herbs. It also covers its various uses such as cooking, medicine, cosmetics, and crafts.

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