Top 10 Most Popular Asian Foods

1. Satay – This is the undisputed king of Asian food. The spelling can vary from country to country, and can be satay, sate, sate, or sate. It is meat on a stick roasted over charcoal or fire. This is available everywhere from Singapore to the Philippines, and from Vietnam to Papua! It is mainly chicken fingers or beef in Islamic countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Thailand is famous for its organs, it can be the liver, the heart, the stomach of a pig or a chicken. Sate generally comes with many different types of sauces, the most popular of which is peanut sauce.

2. Sushi: it is very popular all over the world and, of course, in Asia. This is considered a high-class delicacy and is mainly eaten in fine restaurants, although ready-to-use sushi is available in regional supermarkets such as Carrefour in Singapore or Indonesia or Tesco in Thailand. Sushi is much more than raw fish and sushi rolls, many have taken it as a science, although it will actually take the right kind of rice, seaweed wrappers, and soy sauce.

3. Chicken curry: This is the universal dish that can be found on most Asian menus. Curry powder of all kinds, flavor and color is available throughout Asia and is widely used to make all heavenly curries. The look and taste of curry depends on the country you are in. Thai chicken curry is made with heavy masala curry, which is also used by Indians. Indonesians love finer curry days, with thinner sauces, while Malaysians don’t seem to be very firm on curries, depending on whether they live near Thailand or further south on the Malaysian peninsula. Curry is not limited to just chicken, but these dishes seem to be the most famous.

4. Tom Yum – This pot water thing that originated in Thailand is now very popular throughout Asia, especially Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It can be an appetizer, a delicate soup, or a main dish that can be eaten with or without rice. It has a spicier flavor with heavy use of lemongrass, tamarind, and lemon. Various seafood such as prawns, squid or pieces of fish can be added. Chicken and vegetables like oyster mushrooms or coriander leaves are already used for mixing.

5. Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) – Basically plain white is cooked with coconut or saffron sauce and eaten fresh or on the spot with meat or vegetables. It is a cheap and delicious dish in all Asian countries that is accompanied by vegetables and meat. It is a cheap and delicious dish in all Asian countries and it is accompanied by vegetables, meat or different types of sambal. Add eggs, stir fry, rice, or shrimp crackers (krobok). You can eat a full meal on your own, which makes you feel well satiated and takes it all day. Some might say that nasi goreng is the paella in Asia, but the Spanish will definitely protest about it. Today, Nasi Goreng has been associated in the Western world with any Asian style of fried rice.


Top 10 Most Popular Asian Foods

6. Dim sum – Derived from the Cantonese phrase meaning “a little bit broken” and describes small treasures of food, hidden in small steaming baskets, various types of steamed-filled cakes, or many small plates served on small plates. Dim sum is served primarily with tea and can have a delicious, sweet, or casual aftertaste. The meals are small portions but with many varieties.

7. Spring rolls: Spring rolls are common in most Asian countries, with China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan, with Indonesia topping the list. It is a rolled puff pastry that is fried and filled with all kinds of raw or cooked meat or vegetables. There are also non-fried varieties and they are mainly consumed in Taiwan. The most common ingredients are ground pork, carrots, bean sprouts, fresh chives, noodle noodles, and shiitake mushrooms. Sometimes soy sauce, groundnut powder, or fish sauce is added to better stimulate your taste buds.

8. Hainan Chicken Rice – It is a simple, easy and straightforward dish that is eaten mainly in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and China. It is a cooked white chicken served with white rice and spices such as cucumber, eggs or lettuce. Hainan Chicken Rice is one of the least spicy Asian dishes, but its innovation is a science in itself. It can come with a clear soup or chicken broth as the accompanying soup and is one of the distinctive dishes claimed by more than one country.

9. Laksa – This is a spicy noodle soup, supposedly invented by Singaporeans, although it is probably derived from Chinese / Malay culture. The origin of the name Laksa is unknown, but it is now very popular not only in Malaysia and Singapore, but in Australia and beyond. If you try laksa, you will know why, as it is essentially an explosion of the senses of taste, mixing sweets (coconut) with acid effects (lemongrass or citrus) with more standard foods (thicker pasta, eggs and tofu). Sometimes the laxa becomes watery like soup, while some prefer to keep it as thick as possible, with as little fluid as possible.

10. Fish balls: These are ground or pressed fish meat, eaten on a stick or as a soup, and are mainly found in Asian street vendor stalls or street vendors throughout the region. They are served cooked, fried or steamed and are considered small and cheap sandwiches in the middle or in some countries even as a “poor plate”. It is mainly eaten alone, marinated, dipped in sauce, or when placed in a bowl, mixed with “kway teow” noodles, tofu, or even rice. Add fragrance and flavor in the form of vinegar, garlic, sweet soy sauce, or green onions.

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