Top Maui Asian Restaurants

Asians make up approximately 33% of Maui’s total population, and Maui’s Asian restaurants serve unique and exquisite dishes from various Asian groups. Some of the Asian restaurants on Maui include Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai restaurants. Although not all Asian dishes can be served in one restaurant, you can expect to find delicious and authentic Asian dishes at the best Asian restaurants on Maui, including the following two.

One of Maui’s most popular Japanese restaurants, Tokyo Tei, is located at 1063 Lower Main Street. Tokyo Tei has been serving Asian dishes since 1935 and serves a variety of Maui-style Japanese dishes. During WWII, the restaurant’s name was changed to Rainbow Grill, but it was changed back to Tokyo Tei shortly after the war ended. On the wall of the restaurant is a photo of John F. Kennedy, who visited the restaurant in 1959. The Tokyo menu includes dry tai mein, teriyaki, miso fish, sashimi, somin, and tonkatsu. Drinks include wine, beer, iced tea, whiskey, and hot Japanese sake. Dishes and drinks are within budget, starting at $ 7.75. Tokyo T also offers catering services.


Top Maui Asian Restaurants


In the southern part of Maui in Kihei at 2349 S Kihei Road, Maui Thai serves spicy Thai food. Maui offers different levels of seasonings, so guests can order light, medium, hot, and extra-hot items, as well as hot toppings. Maui’s Thai menu includes Thai spring roll, green papaya salad, tome yum, coconut, ginger, Thai beef steak, Thai noodles, fried noodles, and various types of rice (jasmine, whole wheat, Thai sticky rice). The various curries offered by the restaurant include Thai green curries, red curries, yellow curries, peanut curries, matsaman curries, and red pineapple curries. Maui Thai also offers a host of fish and vegetable dishes. The restaurant also offers special discounts and other promotions so you can enjoy authentic Thai food at lower prices.

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